Deploy Data 8 for your course

This section covers how to set up Data 8 from scratch. It gives a broad overview of technical pieces at play, but is to-the-point in terms of setting things up. For information about the motivations and decisions surrounding the Data 8 class, see the other components of this guide.

Tools you'll use

Setting up your own Data 8 course repository will require using a few pieces of technology and skills. Here's a short list of each, and what they'll be used for.

  • JupyterHub is the software that manage user

    accounts and creates interactive sessions for users.

  • Git and GitHub are used to

    host the textbook for the course, and control revisions of all course

    materials. It's also where you can host your course template online.

  • Kubernetes (optional, only if your course is

    around 60 students) is used to orchestrate the cloud resources that serve user sessions.